Be Prepared, Even When You Can’t Prepare

As a consultant, especially as an independent looking to build a new business, one must be prepared for anything!  Meetings… proposals… client reviews… you never know what might happen. It has been some years, but I remember going with a group to visit a long-term client.  We had a good … Continue reading

Independent Seeking Fame and Fortune

Starting off as an independent is a great new challenge.  Let’s see… no boss, no co-worker madness, setting your own schedule.  Wow, it’s a dream come true! Ever since watching the Christmas Classic “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” we have all searched to be in-de-pendent.  You remember when Rudolph and … Continue reading

WordPress 3.5 Update Complete

The installation to WordPress 3.5 is complete. We have also updated all installed themes and plugins. All the sites tested look great, with no problems reported. Notes from WordPress News on release 3.5: Final UI improvements for the new media manager, based on lots of great feedback. Show more information … Continue reading