Help! What should I write in my BLOG today?

Great… another week another article.  What am I going to write about today?  I need help writing my next blog article. I have writer’s block!

How often are we confronted with this feeling of “What should I say?” and “What should I write?”  If you are a business, you are inundated with people telling you that you need to “blog”.  Go blog… write a blog… you gotta blog… come on, blog… blog, blog, blog.  Ugh!

Blog used to mean “web log”, or diary, now I think it just means “Build Links On Google”.  Everyone just wants more and more content and separate pages so they can have links for their site.  If we are really lucky, they will get someone to read the article and even add their own comments.  If someone links to repost the article… wow… it’s like grabbing the brass ring on an old Merry-Go-Round.  Popularity and bragging rights.

In reality, writing for writing sake does not work.  In addition, you cannot write blog articles for the sole purpose of selling your site.  So, what does someone write about on his or her blog?  Indeed, that is the challenge.

There are certainly many studies out there, but in my experience, I find the most success when articles are informative, a bit humorous and can reach people on a personal level.  So many authors try to write based on some “keyword” that Google may like, hoping to “drive traffic”.  How about writing about something useful?  How about a topic that you yourself would find interesting, and maybe helpful?

Certainly we can mix in an article here and there about why our company or author is the best, but be careful not to turn articles into continuous advertisements… that will just turn away your audience.  Many people like to stick to the good old 80-20 rule.  80 percent of the articles should be fun and useful, and 20 can have a subtle “buy from me, I am wonderful” message.

Finally, length of the article is important.  A blog is not a tweet… but it is also not a thesis.  Common practice now seems to be 300 to 500 words, or just about a page.  Let’s face it, people have very short attention spans and after more than a page and they are gone.

So have fun, write to yourself and you never know who will start following you and soon you too will be “Building Links On Google!”

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