Feeling stranded by your SQL Dashboard or Web provider?

Feeling Sranded? Call 3Deers.com, LLC Today!

We are experts in SQL / Business Intelligence reporting, web development, project management, logistics and distribution… all from beginning to end.

We work with the leaders of your company to optimize your Internet presence, eCommerce sales, operational efficiencies and profits.

We look beyond just placing a presence on the web, but at how you can satisfy the complete client experience with your business.

The web is your brochure, your vision, your voice.

The key to our approach is learning your business and understanding where you are now.  We need to know your current processes:

  • Your systems
  • Your place in various markets
  • Your suppliers
  • Your competitors

Next we will work with you on your needs.  Whether a simple project or a business redesign we will work with the key members of your organization to discover your goals.

  • Company or project objectives
  • Statement of the problem
  • Background information

Projects range in complexity and certainly the scope of research would vary.  Are you trying to help your clients get better information about your services or are you looking to expand your sales channel beyond wholesale to direct to consumer?

We work with clients to help them better understand themselves now and where they are going.  We then use our expertise to put together the systems and programs to help get them there.

If you’re interested in growing  and optimizing your business

CALL NOW – 954.729.8455 or contact us through e-mail at 3Deers.com

3Deers.com… Time Well Represented…

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