Everything you need to empower your users is probably already on every computer your team uses. Imagine a solution with no new licensing, and just a few new skills. That’s right… no new license… because everything you need is built right into Excel!

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It is actually a fairly simple technique to connect to Microsoft SQL, Azure or virtually any modern database.  The data can be on premise or in the Cloud!  If users can reach your data, they can use Excel to get their reports.  Once they have the data, your users can create Pivot Tables and graphs for financials, sales analysis, inventory status… or whatever useful information they need.  

If you are creating CSV files, users probably already turn those downloads into Pivot Tables or graphs… but what a pain for your IT team and the users, too.  Why are you doing this monotonous task every day?  Using Excel’s built in tools, you can create some very short Macros/VBA scripts that make full refreshes just a click of a button on a screen!

Are users working with stale data when they have a problem?  With an ODBC (Open DataBase Connection) report in Excel, they can click for an instant update.  Imaging going to the CxO’s office and IT is in perfect sync with accounting, sales or operations!  You can make it so easy… and in the tool they want… IT can be the heroes instead of the evil empire. 

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We come on site and learn your system and business quickly.  We are experts not just in SQL / Business Intelligence reporting, but we understand financials, operations and sales!  We will quickly teach your support team and power users how to get started, then help you grow and expand your partnership with the users.  We’ll do this with your own systems, not in a stuffy classroom with silly fake data.  

We even have tools to help jump start the process.  How about a report that quickly documents all your tables, fields, views, stored procedures and triggers?  This can be a tremendous guide and users won’t even need SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).  We also can create an organized menu of reports, so users aren’t surfing through directories to find information.  

Users want to get what they need without bugging IT, and we bet in IT you want to give users what they want without a lot of resources.

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