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3Deers has just launched it’s own Facebook Page!  We are just getting started here, but that’s OK… this is all part of our process, just like with any client, to get posted and known.  Check it now!

Never forget as an independent consultant, lawyer, doctor or other professional how important it is to have a solid presence on the Internet.  How do people find you?  The answer is there is no one answer… that’s good and bad.

On the positive, there are many ways to separate yourself from the crowd and present yourself to your clients and potential clients.  The negative is that there are so many places, it can be daunting to keep up with them all and look good.

Fortunately, 3Deers can help!  When you do not have the time (or expertise) to get out on the web… we do!  That’s what we do.  There are so many places you need to be on the web, just like Facebook.  And every place you’re at, with good and positive content, ads to your main site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  SEO is the process to get sites ranked higher by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other places folks may be using to search for your business.

We work with the leaders in your company to learn what you do and then help present it to the world.  We make sure to take the time to really understand your business, not just toss up another site.  We help you build content, too, that helps draw customers.

3Deers.com… Time Well represented!

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About Perry Patterson

The web is your brochure, your vision, your voice. I work with the leaders of your company to optimize your sales, operational efficiencies and internet presence. I am an expert in eCommerce marketing, development and distribution. I’ll manage your programing, business concepts and logistics from beginning to end. I look beyond just placing a presence on the web, but at how you can satisfy the complete client experience with your business. 3Deers.com … Time Well Represented.

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