Alliance Entertainment Corporation appears to be a great example of a company that looked to solve problems presented by retailers and provided a whole new mechanism for locking in partner loyalty.  Utilizing existing infrastructure and business tools, such as Business Objects, AEC was able to deploy an extranet application in a cost effective manner.

Demir Barlas wrote an article describing AEC and how they were able to secure business from a competitor using their Business Intelligence system.  In that article Mr. Barlas wrote how the system gave the client, the Beanstalk group, great comfort in seeing their information rapidly, without making special requests.

The Extranet Business Intelligence Reporting System deployed by AEC was found to be very useful, easy to use and convenient for the AEC partners.  Peter Blei, COO for AEC, concluded (as cited by Mr. Barlas) that their partners “don’t have to do anything but log in to a browser and go to town” (2003).

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