Founder / President, 3Deers, South Florida                               Feb. 2005 – Present

Founder and President of 3Deers, specializing in Business Intelligence Reporting, Web Development and Hosting and Business Management. We work with business leaders to help analyze, present and optimize their organizations.

CIO, Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., South Florida                               Feb. 2011 – Aug 2012

As the first ever Chief Information Officer at Encompass, I was challenged with merging the technology teams from various pre-merger companies at different locations to form a united Information Technology department. Developed and launched a new SQL based reporting system with an excel front end. Provided many enhancement within the department and organization to help increase revenue or optimize expenses.

VP eCommerce, Alliance Entertainment, South Florida                               1994 – Feb. 2011

I developed and built the eCommerce division for the largest US distributor of CDs and DVDs in support of virtually every major retailer selling pre-recorded music and movies on the internet.   My division combined technology, sales, marketing and operational support to maximize efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

I managed several teams closely integrated together.  The teams were web design and development; sales support; marketing; and operations and EDI integration.  We worked with clients to design, build and support web sites, integrate technology, optimize operations, grow revenue and manage the fulfillment of physical goods.

Board Director, St. Laurence Homeless Day Center                         2010 to present

Advised Homeless Day Shelter on matters of budgets, fund raising and various areas of information systems and management.  Interacted with staff and clients to understand all aspects of support for homeless, semi-homeless and those with substance issues.

Consultant / Additional Experience                                                               1982 – 1994

Responsible for the design, development, implementation, management, and support of computer applications in a variety of organizations.  Business areas included Medial Laboratory, Legal Support Services, Manufacturing, Public Safety, City Government and Financial Institutions.

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