SQL Dashboard Management

Raw Data


Do your reports look like this?

Raw data with endless details to digest?

No summaries or the ability to analyze?




What if they could look like this?

Clean Dashboards for quick understanding of your business!

Easily drill into issues and use a report to manage your business!


We Can Help!

Companies are often looking to expand or restructure their organizations, and quick monitoring of sales and operations is critical.  The key to our approach is studying your organization and understanding where you are now.  Reporting is the insight to your business.

Did you know that you can use Microsoft Excel to connect right to your sql or other application data?  With excel, you can pull your data and put it in one of the most ubiquitous tools available.  Your users can easily create the graphs and summary data they need.  With proper design, users just “refresh” the results to update the information they need to manage their clients and operations.

At 3Deers, we stress quality and taking the extra step to take a report from a quick and dirty inquiry to useful information.

  • Executive Dashboard Management
  • Automated Report Generation and Distribution
  • Data Feeds

We invite you to read our full case study (Extranet Case Study) on our approach helping clients move from running data dumps to sophisticated reporting and information with just the click of a mouse.

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